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ICE 4s Again On Test in Austria

posted on 20th May 2022 08:02

After the ICE 4 had already visited Austria several times (among others in 2017 with a 14-car unit and in 2019 with two seven-car sets) for various test programmes, extended tests with the units 9216 + 9217 (412 216 + 217) were carried out on various ÖBB lines in early May. 

On 11 May 2022, the obligatory disturbance current „round trip“ from Wien (Hütteldorf) did not take place as planned via Achau, because the track closure following the GySEV’s Class 4744 EMUs accident the day before), but via Oberlaa - Wien ZVBf Kledering - Wien Hauptbahnhof and the Südbahn via Baden - Semmering Bruck an der Mur and further via Klagenfurt - Villach and the Tauern line to Salzburg, from where the journey home towards München  started the following day.

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