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posted on 19th May 2023 19:35

The Slovakian company ŽOS Vrútky presented a Bdmpz second class coach for ZSSK. Specifically, with EVN 50 56 22-70 102-5. The operator has ordered 17 cars of this type according to the contract signed on 28 January 2021, awarded by under OPII - Part 5 (Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure) for a total worth of 32.8 million EUR, with 27.9 million EUR covered by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Hence, the vehicles are intended for services in Prešov, Košice, Žilina and Banská Bystrica regions. The contract is to be completed by September 2023.

The coach is designed to operate at a temperature range from -25°C to 40°C, and it was designed by ŽOS Vrútky. The air-conditioned coach for a maximum speed of 160 km/h has a weight of 48 t, a length over the buffers of 26,400 mm, a width of 2,825 mm and a height of 4,050 mm above the TOR. The distance between the bogie pivot points is 19,000 mm. The bogies of Type SF300-3S/Mg with a top design speed of 200 km/h are supplied from Siemens and were manufactured at the Graz plant. The diameter of the new wheels is 920 mm. The brake equipment is supplied by Knorr-Bremse.

There are 84 seats in the open space passenger compartment with seats in an row arrangement. There are nine more folding seats in the multi-purpose/bike compartment in one of the vestibules, where there are six bike holders and an electric bike charging socket. The large open space compartment, which is also claimed to have 70 standing places, has walls separating vestibules at either end with sliding doors.

There are electrical sockets and USB ports for charging at the seats. The automatic passenger information system is activated according to the train's GPS position. Also installed are CCTV and fire alarm system, on-board WiFi providing internet connection and a passenger counting system. There is LED lighting.

Prior to the Berlin trade fair, one of the Bdmpz was present from April 2022 in Czech Republic at VUZ Velim. On 26 October 2022, one of the four cars, that were put into service, was officially presented in Bratislava. ZSSK is planning to use them mainly in eastern Slovakia, on the routes Košice - Liptovský Mikuláš, Košice - Čierna nad Tisou, Košice - Čaňa and Kysak - Lipany - Plaveč. Here, they will be complemented by 35 modernised Bdteer (formerly Bdt) coaches, of which 12 were completed last October by ŽOS Trnava, and this project is also scheduled to run until September 2023, under OPII - Part 4.

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