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Javier Mariscal decorates new CAPTRAIN España locomotive

posted on 7th Jun 2023 21:01

On 6 June 2023 CAPTRAIN España has taken delivery of a new EURO6000 international electric locomotive. This has been especially decorated by illustrator Javier Mariscal, who has drawn 15 emblematic places in the European countries the locomotive will serve: Spain, Portugal, France and Luxembourg.

To celebrate Mariscal's design, CAPTRAIN España has launched a competition for all its followers on social media. Participants will have to name the 15 emblematic sights that appear in the famous artist’s illustrations, drawn in his own inimitable style. The winner of the competition, drawn in front of a notary from among those who get all the answers right, will win a weekend for two in Paris. The prize will include accommodation, breakfast and travel expenses. The competition can be found at www.elconcursodecaptrain.es.

The competition coincides with the International Logistics Exhibition (SIL) that takes place in Barcelona from 7 until 9 June. The competition will close on 19 June.

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