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Kuzbassrazrezugol Became Another Operator Of Class 2TE25KM

posted on 27th Jun 2022 08:21

On 24 June 2022, locomotive 2TE25KM-0586 built by BMZ was put in service at the Bachatsky surface mine of Kuzbassrazrezugol (Bachatsky ugolny razrez, southeast of Novosibirsk). This is the first machine of this type at the enterprise, forming part of the project to create a technological complex for loading coal into wagons with a capacity of 2 million tonnes annually.

The new locomotive will haul trains of up to 25 wagons on the long sections with difficult terrain. In the near future, another 2TE25KM will appear at Kuzbassrazrezugol, this time at Kedrovsky surface mine (Kedrovsky ugolny razrez, northeast of Novosibirsk).

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