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Lokotrans Took Over A Batch Of New Box Wagons

posted on 8th Apr 2021 14:21

Under the contract signed in early 2021, OVK (UWC) delivered in late March 50 Model 11-6874 box wagons to Lokotrans, Yaroslavl. Together with the box wagons and timber flat wagons delivered to the operator earlier, its fleet now includes a total of 750 wagons built in Tikhvin.

The 120 km/h Model 11-6874 box wagon is a convenient option for transporting a wide range of variously-sized freights. It has a payload of 73 t and body volume of 175 m3, and is mounted on the 25 t axle-load bogies. The design of the new generation stock features improved ergonomics and reliability in operation.

In particular, door openings are increased in size compared to conventional models, making loading and unloading easier. The grooved floor provides better grip, both for the load and the forklift wheels. Four loading hatches on the roof and in the side walls of the car body make it easier and quicker to load bulk materials. This type of box wagon has a service life of 32 years.

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