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Mireo regional and long-distance trains for ÖBB

updated on 1st Feb 2024 01:09 posted on 19th Jan 2024 09:44

On 19 January 2024 ÖBB has ordered the first 70 Mireo EMUs, worth more than 800 million EUR, from the framework agreement for up to 540 units, won by Siemens Mobility at the end of summer 2023. The trains will be delivered in three different versions from late 2027, as follows:
- 11 three-car 73 m long regional trains, 
- 28 four-car 106 m long regional trains, 
- 31 four-car 106 m long trains for long-distance transport within the Alps.

The 160 km/h EMUs will be a further development of the Mireo family. Fitted with the ETCS OBU from Siemens Mobility, for the first time at Mireos, each car will have its two own bogies instead of using the Jakobs bogies. The Type SF7500 bogies with inner bearings, developed and built at the Siemens Mobility competence centre in Graz, will be used, featuring a new lightweight construction technology. "The aluminum bodyshells will be wider than on previous Mireos to further enhance the passenger experience of passengers. The Mireo trains will be built within Siemens‘s global network of train manufacturing facilities."

We asked Siemens for the principal technical data of the ÖBB Mireos (axle arrangements, traction power, brake power, dimensions, weights, capacity), and:
- what exactly incorporates the new lightweight technology in bogies?
- the cars for ÖBB Mireos will be 3,000 mm wide? Until now only 2,808 mm wide Mireo cars  were built?
- what lies beneath the phrase „Siemens‘s global network of train manufacturing facilities.“ That the Mireos will be built at Krefeld and Wien?
- will there be no local production at the ÖBB works, as it is with the Desiro ML?

Siemens answered us: „Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, most of the hard facts you mentioned cannot be revealed since it is either too early to do so and we are still defining with ÖBB, or these are facts we prefer not to talk about generally. 

The three-car units will have a Bo‘ 2‘ + 2‘ Bo‘ + 2‘ Bo‘ axle arrangement and the four-car ones a Bo‘ 2‘ + 2‘2‘ + 2‘ Bo‘ + 2‘ Bo‘ axle arrangement. The non-powered bogies will have the same design as the traction bogies, but without the drives and traction motors. At the moment, it is not planned to do a co-production with ÖBB."



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