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More Class EP3D EMUs For RZD

posted on 4th Jun 2020 13:06

On 4 June 2020 DMZ completed the delivery of a batch of five four-car Class EP3D EMUs to the Russian Railways scheduled for 2020. Under the agreement concluded in March 2020 DMZ manufactured these 25 kV 50 Hz trains, which will be used on the Yugo-Vostochnaya (South-East) and Zabaykalskaya dorogas (Trans-Baikal railways). The new EMUs, designated EP3D-0057 to 061, will replace the obsolete commuter trains operated there. Like the new Class EP2D EMUs the new Class EP3D EMUs they have the extended service life of 40 years (rather than 30 years).

DMZ has been producing Class EP3D EMUs since 2016. So far, 60 units were built, 51 of them for RZD, the remaining nine for KTZ.

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