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DMZ celebrated 11,000th cars for EMUs

posted on 29th Jun 2023 11:49

On 23 June 2023 DMZ celebrated production of 11,000th car for EMUs. Demikhovsky mashinostroitelny zavod (DMZ, Demikhovsky Engineering Works) has been manufacturing EMUs since 1992. Today, it is the largest enterprise in Russia and Europe in terms of the number of cars for EMUs under construction. Over 31 years, the company has developed 23 types of EMUs.

The present Classes EP2D (3 kV DC) and EP3D (25 kV 50 Hz) are in operation on 13 out of 16 of RZD’s networks, as well as in Armenia and Kazakhstan. The main clients of the DMZ products are TsPPK and RZD. Currently, the production capacity is 630 cars annually. In 2023, DMZ plans to build 528 cars, including 212 for Class EP2D, 130 for Class EP3D and 186 for tne newest Class EP2DM.

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