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Moskva-2024 was put into operation in the Moskva underground

posted on 15th Mar 2024 11:13

On 11 March 2024, a new metro train Moskva-2024, built at Metrovagonmash, was put into operation in the Moskovsky metropoliten. The Moskva-2024 cars were created by specialists from TMH in collaboration with the 2050.LAB and the Moskva‘s Department of Transport. The new train places an emphasis on design, while maintaining the manufacturability and key technical advantages of its predecessor, the Moskva-2020: wide entrance doors, through passage, clear and convenient PIS.

The changes affected all the main elements of the interior: seats, handrails, trim, lighting, ceiling. New materials have been used in the seat upholstery, the placement of USB connectors has been changed: they have been moved from the seats to the handrails. By changing the design of the seats, it was possible to expand the passage in the cars. Special attention is paid to the travel of people with limited mobility: a new ramp has been developed for them and a call button has been added. Noise insulation has been improved, including in the driver's cab, the design of which includes a modern HVAC, an ergonomic driver‘s desk and a comfortable seat.

In 2024 - 2025, Metrovagonmash plans, in accordance with the current contract, to build more than 500 Moskva-2024 cars for the Moskva metro.

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