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New Stadler EMUs For Vesuvian Lines

updated on 25th Mar 2021 21:20 posted on 23rd Mar 2021 18:43

Following the decision of the Council of State published on 8 March 2021, Ente Autonomo Volturno (EAV) has awarded Stadler an eight-year framework agreement for the delivery and maintenance of up to 40 EMUs for metropolitan and suburban service on the 950 mm gauge Vesuvian lines. Simultaneously, the first batch of 23 units was ordered. The agreement also includes the full-service maintenance of the trains for a period of five years after their start of passenger service.

With the acquisition of the new fleet, the oldest EAV vehicles will be progressively replaced and the quality and range of transport services will be increased. The new 1.5 kV DC three-car EMUs, to be built by Stadler Valencia, will have a Bo’ 2' Bo’ Bo’ axle arrangement and a 120 km/h maximum speed. They will have aluminum bodyshells, will be 39.9 m long and 2.7 m wide. The maximum axle-load will be 12.5 t.

They will have five doors on each side to allow rapid passenger interchange in stations. An optimal passenger flow on board will be granted by a modern and flush design of the interiors. Maximum capacity will be 402 passengers. Expected delivery is by 2023.

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