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First ČD's Class 847 DMU At Żmigród

posted on 12th Dec 2022 13:19

Currently, the first DMU of the new Class 847 for ČD is being tested on the IK OETD circuit. The unit 847.001 was moved there from Bydgoszcz by an diesel locomotive on 27 November 2022 and subsquently started test runs. These include various commissioning tests and tests of the propulsion and braking systems.

The unit will return to the PESA Bydgoszcz works in a week's time and the main homologation tests will take place from January 2023 at the Czech test centre in Velim. At present, 18 DMUs of the Regio160 family are already in various stages of production. So far, ČD has ordered 76 units from PESA.

PESA also announced that the Class 847, as the first representative of its new Regio160 family, has been awarded the Good Design 2022 (Dobry Wzór 2022) prize by the Polish Design Institute (Instytut Wzornictwa): "The experts praised the key concepts of the entire Regio160 platform, which include standardisation, modularity and environmental care. Standardisation will improve maintenance efficiency and reduce maintenance costs (LCC), while modularity will allow to provide customers with different types of trains built on a uniform basis. Environmental care is not only about lighter construction or lower energy consumption, but also, for example, reducing the amount of non-recyclable laminates in favour of environmentally friendly thermoformed plastics, high-quality solutions and recyclable aluminium components."

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