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Ostrava Trams Maintained By Škoda

posted on 31st Mar 2022 09:28

On 30 March 2022, DPO signed a long-term contract for heavy maintenance and repair of trams with Škoda Transportation. From this year until 2026, Škoda Ekova from the Škoda Transportation Group will provide periodic maintenance and repair of trams for DPO (Dopravní podnik Ostrava).

The estimated value of the five-year contract is 829 million CZK. The Škoda Transportation Group will provide maintenance services including repairs of rolling stock after accidents. The contract covers more than 240 trams of the T3, Vario, KT8, Astra and Trio types.

Until now, maintenance of these vehicles, except for Stadler Tango NF2 and Škoda 39T trams, has been carried out by Ekova Electric under a previous five-year contract, which has now expired. In addition, last year, this work was transferred to the successor entity Škoda Ekova.

The contract is divided into four parts according to the type of trams: 

Lot 1: Vario LFR,
Lot 2: T3 RP,
Lot 3: LTM 10.08 ASTRA / 01 INEKON 2001 TRIO,
Lot 4: Vario LF2R / Vario LF2+ / KT8D5.RN1 / Vario LF3/2 / Vario LF3.

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