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Overhaul Of Samara Metro Cars

posted on 2nd Sep 2021 13:00

On 1 September 2021, Metrovagonmash (MVM) and Samararsky metropoliten signed a contract for the overhaul of five Model 81-717/714 cars. It is planned that the upgraded cars will be handed over to the customer by the end of this year. The cars were manufactured at MVM in the 1990s, the repair will extend their service life by 15 years.

Under the overhaul, the electric equipment, bogie frames and wheelsets will be renewed, and new traction motors will be installed. Passenger saloon and driver's cabs will be fitted with CCTV, including six cameras in total. The end cars will be equipped with seats for people with reduced mobility. The overhauled vehicles will meet all the requirements for energy efficiency and operational reliability.

All works will be carried out by OEVRZ (Oktyabrsky elektrovagonoremontny zavod, October electric car repair works) of St. Peterburg, a MVM subsidiary. Metrovagonmash and Samarsky metropoliten have been cooperating since 1987. In spring 2020, MVM delivered a new Model 81-717.6/714.6 train to Samara, and in December that year MVM delivered six cars to Samara after their overhaul.

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