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Pro//Motion.Expo 2021 (8)

posted on 6th Nov 2021 16:47

Already in 2019 and 2017, the cavalcades on the test circuits were dominated by older or historic vehicles, but this year the nostalgic atmosphere prevailed. There was, for example, ChS200-004, which, even after more than four decades of life, still hauls trains between Moskva and St. Peterburg at 200 km/h, as well as its other sisters (currently ChS200-003, 005, 006 and 009 - 012), for several years now even with the latest TVZ double-deckers.

Of the current RZD vehicles, Yermaks 3ES5K-1216 and 1217 were shown at cavalcades this year, where the ability to run in double traction mode with radio remote control was presented (in 2019, this feature was presented for the first time on NEVZ locomotives, on the 2ES5K-413 and 414 two-section Yermaks).

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