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Reichmuth Orders Vectrons For SBB Cargo

posted on 16th Jul 2022 15:21

On 14 July 2022, Siemens Mobility signed a contract with Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG of Luzern for 35 Vectron AC locomotives through its Luzern-based investment vehicle LokRoll 3 AG. The latter will lease the locomotives to SBB Cargo for eight years through its asset manager Northrail GmbH, which it commissioned for the deal. The entire transaction was arranged and structured by Paribus Rail Investment Management GmbH.

The lease also includes local maintenance of the locomotives by Siemens Mobility for eight years. The new Vectrons will be fitted with the on-board ETCS BL3 and are scheduled for delivery in 2024. This is already the third locomotive transaction with LokRoll 3 in cooperation with SBB Cargo. Siemens Mobility has already sold 150 locomotives to Swiss customers.

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