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Škoda Group receives Red Dot Award for Bonn trams

posted on 27th Jun 2024 15:24

The Škoda Group's tram, Škoda ForCity Smart Bonn, was recognised with the Red Dot award in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024. The tram is part of the fleet of transport operator SWB. It is a modern vehicle with a design that blends harmoniously with the unique face of this historic German city.

The construction of the tram and its design are made with the safety of passengers, drivers, and pedestrians in mind. The characteristic light shaping on the black mask gives the tram a distinctive look. Inside, passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride in a sophisticated space with upholstered wooden seats. Removable cushions and a compact seat shape ensure easy maintenance and a long service life. Wide entrances with LED lighting and large multi-functional compartments make travelling easier for people with special needs. The driver's cab, developed in cooperation with local drivers, meets the highest ergonomic and safety standards.

Tomáš Chludil, Head of Industrial Design at Škoda Group, said:  “Our design philosophy is based on an understanding of the needs of our customers and the environment in which the vehicles operate. With every project, we create a tailor-made design. The designs are based on a detailed study of the architecture and infrastructure of each city. As a result, our vehicles are not only functional, but also perfectly complement the urban landscape.”

In 2024, the Red Dot jury is made up of 39 experts from 20 countries on four continents. They cover various design disciplines and work as professors, consultants, journalists, or industrial designers. The entries came from 60 countries. The products were tested and evaluated by the jurors according to their respective type. The discussions between the experts are an important part of this process. They testify to the care with which the Red Dot jury considers and evaluates each product individually.




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