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Stadler EUROs For Rail & Truck Strait Union

posted on 13th Mar 2023 08:24

On 13 March 2023 Alpha Trains announced that it had reached an agreement with the Rail & Truck Strait Union (RTSU) for 11 new Co'Co' locomotives to be built by Stadler Valencia (however, this contract was signed in January 2023). Seven of them are to be EURO6000 machines under a finance lease, four will be EURO4001 diesel locomotives, under an operating lease. All locomotives will be of a 1,668 mm gauge.

The acronym RTSU in Spain commonly stands for Red de Transporte Sanitario Urgente, but now also for Rail & Truck Strait Union. The latter is a company founded by Ecorail, Continental Rail and Marcotran to develop the 'Rail Motorway' between Algeciras and Zaragoza, and hopes to start up services moving semitrailers during 2024. In Algeciras it is taking over from the port authorities an 11 400 m2 plot of land in the district known as Isla Verde, where there is a rail terminal, for development for logistics purposes.

According to Alpha Trains the EURO6000s are to be built at Albuixech, and will be delivered in 2024 or 2025. At present work is in progress between Algeciras and Zaragoza to adapt the existing rail infrastructure to the required loading gauge. 

Fernando Pérez, Alpha Trains Group's Interim CEO observed: “We are delighted to have concluded this transaction with RTSU with a leasing solution tailored made to RTSU needs and with the financial support of the subsidies granted to RTSU by the Spanish Ministry of Transport. The agreement demonstrates our commitment to play a key role in the development and growth of the freight railway market in Spain and to maximise the use of the railway infrastructure.”

Iñigo Parra, Stadler Valencia's CEO commented: “In line with our commitment to greener transport, the EURO6000 was designed to improve the profitability and sustainability of rail freight services. We are very proud of the opportunities that this locomotive offers to the market, such as the operation of new services like the Algeciras - Zaragoza rail motorway and congratulate Alpha Trains for facilitating its use with tailor-made leasing solutions. We are convinced that the EURO6000 will boost the modal shift from road to rail in the Iberian Peninsula”.

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