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Stadler’s Statement Regarding Its Activities In Russia, Ukraine And Belarus

posted on 5th Mar 2022 17:36

28 February 2022: Due to the recent developments in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, Stadler would like to provide clarity on its current business activities in this region.

Stadler has not yet received any orders from Ukraine. At present, Stadler also has no orders from Russia in its order book and accordingly does not expect any payment defaults. In the past, Stadler has delivered two smaller orders to Russia (11 KISS EMUs and 23 Metelitsa trams), the maintenance of the corresponding vehicles are carried out locally.

So far, there has been no disruption of production in Belarus due to the political situation. Nevertheless, Stadler is prepared for various scenarios and ready to implement possible immediate measures as part of its risk management. Thanks to the flexible manufacturing footprint within the group, Stadler can implement production relocations from Belarus to the EU in a timely manner.

As a non-government-affiliated company, Stadler has not been affected by any sanctions to date. It is constantly monitoring the situation. Should future sanctions and embargoes affect Stadler, it will of course implement them consequently. As long as the possible sanctions have not been defined and put into effect, specific effects and measures cannot be assessed and implemented.

Stadler has been building trains and trams in Fanipol, 30 km southwest of Minsk, for eight years, primarily for the local market as well as for the CIS region and other international markets. Of the initial 1,500 employees, around 300 jobs have already been cut in recent months due to lower capacity utilisation.

The current production capacity of the plant in Belarus is less than 10 % of the group capacity. Currently, less than 2 % of the order backlog of around 18 billion CHF (as of 30 June 2021) is being processed in Belarus.

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