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Stadler To Deliver Trams To Bosnia And Herzegovina For The First Time

posted on 9th Sep 2021 23:19

On 1 September 2021, Stadler signed a contract with the Canton of Sarajevo for delivery of 15 three-car Tango trams, similar to those which were built for Ostrava. This is the first time Stadler will supply rail vehicles to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The new 70 km/h low-floor trams are intended for operation in the capital, Sarajevo, and are to replace the old K2 trams of a ČKD origin.

They can accommodate 180 passengers, of them 79 seated. An air conditioning, a modern passenger information system and USB ports for mobile phones and other electronic devices will ensure a pleasant passenger experience. A CCTV both inside and outside guarantees safety for both passengers and road users, and reduces the risk of vandalism. The contract worth is 34.7 million EUR, the delivery of the first trams is scheduled for 2023.

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