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Start Of Building The Avenio Trams For Nürnberg

posted on 2nd Dec 2020 18:09

On 2 December 2020, the building of a batch 12 Avenio trams for Nürnberg started. They are being assembled at Siemens Mobility d. o. o. Cerovac works, north of Kragujevac, in Serbia. This is the former Milanović inženjering company, which produced aluminum components for Siemens’s rail vehicles, and which in early February 2018 was taken over by the latter company.

The traction motors and converters are being produced at Siemens Nürnberg works, the construction and project management took place in Erlangen. The principal technical data are as follows: track gauge 1,435 mm, top speed 70 km/h, power 6 x 100 kW, vehicle length 36.85 m, width 2.30 m, height 3.67 m over rail top, weight empty 46 t / full 71 t, eight 1.30 m wide entrance doors, capacity 218 passengers.

Delivery of the first VAG Avenio is planned for summer 2022, then the commissioning takes place. All trams are to be delivered by 2023. Siemens Mobility received the VAG order in mid-November 2019, and this includes an option for up to 75 more Avenios, which can be confirmed by the mid-2030s.

They will primarily serve to increase the VAG offer on the routes that are in high demand. These include services between the main train station and the Business Tower, as well as various lines that run in the southern part of the city. The demand here will increase significantly in the next few years.

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