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The new ICE generation in preparation

posted on 22nd Nov 2023 09:28

On 15 November 2022, Deutsche Bahn announced that it had commissioned Alstom Transport Deutschland and Siemens Mobility to independently develop concepts for Germany's new high speed trains 3.0 (HGV 3.0, Hochgeschwindigkeitsverkehr) following a tender process, but in both cases this is to be done in cooperation with DB. The new trains, with a maximum speed of at least 300 km/h, are intended to replace the ICE 3s and expand the ICE fleet in view of the growing number of passengers.

That is why we asked DB how the above-mentioned project is developing after a year, what results the two companies have presented, whether the costs for both concepts are already known and when the tender will be announced. The operator replied: "Deutsche Bahn has commissioned Alstom Transport Deutschland and Siemens Mobility to develop independent concepts for a new generation of high-speed trains together with us. As a operator of one of the largest high-speed train fleets in the world, DB contributed its expertise.

The insights from the joint development were very valuable for us, as they show us how our requirements can be implemented in the subsequent tender process next year. This will include the development, design and approval of the new fleet and will be open to other manufacturers. Siemens and Alstom have received a payment which DB will share proportionately in the cost of developing the new concept. Please understand that we do not comment on the results and costs.

The new trains will be in service from the early 2030s, replacing the older ICE 1 and ICE 3 trains and expanding the ICE fleet to cater for rapidly growing passenger numbers. DB envisages single-deck trains with a maximum length of 400 m and a top speed of at least 300 km/h."

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