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TMH-Elektrotekh will produce new traction motors for Ivolga 3.0 EMUs

posted on 24th May 2023 16:36

On 23 May 2023 TMH Elektrotekh of Novocherkassk, part of TMH Energeticheskie reshenia (Energy Solutions), completed tests of a new Type DTA-380U1 asynchronous traction motor intended for use in the newest 3 kV DC Ivolga 3.0 EMUs with a top speed of 160 km/h, which are being built at TVZ.

The motor has been assigned the O1 letter, which makes it possible to start production of the introducing batch of up to 1,500 units. The new motor is a domestic development, created at TMH Inzhiniring (Engineering). Mastering the production of its own asynchronous traction motors for metro cars and EMUs is a new area of work for the latter company.

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