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TMH's "Yolochka" Capsule Car

posted on 16th Nov 2021 19:46

During the Transport Week 2021 (Transportnaya nedelya 2021) exhibition, held between 13 and 19 November in Moskva, TMH together with FPK presented the new interior concept of a non-compartment car. It is designated „yolochka“ (Christmas tree), receiving its name from the special arrangement of the berths: the capsules are positioned diagonally in relation to the aisle.

The layout features two space options: a personal capsule and an open compartment. The individual capsule is separated by a wall and curtain from the common corridor, aimed at passengers travelling alone. The open compartment is designed for families with children and large groups. Each passenger has its own set of charging stations for gadgets, hangers, wall pockets and other things needed on the journey. In addition, there are additional luggage racks under the ceiling.

The design of the concept was prepared for TMH by the National Centre of Industrial Design and Innovation 2050.LAB. This is the third version of the layout in a series of designs intended to replace the traditional „platskartny“ car. 

What they have in common is that they share a common principle of equipment, at the heart of which is individualisation of space (a personal table, shelf, lamp, air duct). The concepts are made in a „gabarit T“ (T loading gauge) with increased width and length of the bodyshell, compared to standard coaches. The length of the passenger compartment in that case increased by 290 cm, width by 28 cm, beds by 15 cm.

The interior design was created thanks to focus groups with the help of which the manufacturer evaluates the wishes of passengers. In the cars with the new layout it was possible to achieve conditions that will make travelling on the train even more comfortable and safer. The ergonomics of the prospective „yolochka“ layouts have been designed with the „Nochny ekspress“ (Night express) concept in mind, supposed to be used in the night trains with the travel time up to 12 hours.

A mock-up of the first capsule concept was demonstrated to the general public at Kazansky station in Moskva in 2019, followed in 2020 by the „gabarit T“ version at Paveletsky station in Moskva. The second concept was shown in June 2021 at the VDNKh exhibition centre in Moskva.

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