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TMH Will Repair Up To 500 Engines Annually By 2023

posted on 6th Apr 2021 11:32

Kolomensky zavod (KZ, Kolomensky works, part of TMH) is implementing a project to increase the volume of diesel engine repairs. The project is being realised in two stages. As part of the first stage, a new engine repair shop is to be created, fitted with the new equipment for repairs of KZ-built engines. By mid-2022 it is expected to expand the KZ repair capacity from the current 50 to 250 engines per year.

The second stage will include retrofitting of the latter shop with additional equipment, which will increase the number of repaired engines up to 500 annually. Completion of this phase is scheduled for mid-2023. The investments planned for the implementation of the whole project is about 1 billion RUB (around 11 million EUR).

Main focus of the project is on the Type D49 engines, which are produced by Kolomensky zavod in the power range from 500 to 4,500 kW and are used for the new or rebuilt diesel locomotives, in power engineering, shipbuilding and other industries. KZ annually supplies to its customers around 320 to 500 Type D49 engines. In total, more than 18,000 engines of this type have been produced so far.

The programme for increasing the repair of diesel engines will create additional jobs at the Kolomensky zavod and will meet the RZD needs for high-quality repairs of diesel engines. It forms part of a comprehensive plan for the technical development of the enterprise. The total volume of the investment programme from 2018 to 2022 is about 12 billion RUB (more than 130 million EUR).

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