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TRAKO 2023 (3)

posted on 7th Nov 2023 00:56

The Polish production of multiple units was represented only by the production of Stadler Siedlce, in the form of a four-car Class 413 FLIRT for Srbija Voz. This EMU has end cars 413-103 and 413-104 and intermediate cars 417-103 and 417-104, thus it is the second train of the second batch. The 100th inv. numbers distinguish these FLIRTs from the first batch 413-001/002 to 041/042.

The exhibit marks a significant milestone for the manufacturer, as it is the 600th FLIRT from the Polish works, and Stadler has already received orders for more than 2,500 FLIRTs in total, with the milestone being achieved this June with an order for Italy.

Srbija Voz has ordered 18 units for late 2021, following a tender in which Alstom and Hitachi Rail also participated. This is Stadler's third contract for Serbia, following 21 four-car FLIRTs ordered in March 2013 and delivered in 2014 - 15, and three four-car Class 410/418 KISSes ordered in April 2021 and put into service in 2022.

With a length of 80,700 mm over couplings, the Class 413/417 FLIRTs with a maximum speed of 160 km/h have a Bo'2'2'2'Bo' axle arrangement, traction equipment for 25 kV 50 Hz, a power of 1,540 kW and a maximum starting acceleration of 1.3 m/s2

The total capacity is 473 passengers, of which 228 in second class, and 16 in first class (this compartment is located behind one of the driver's cabs). The floor is 600 mm above TOR for most of its length, while the floor above the bogies is 1 245 mm above TOR. Each car has only one double-leaf door on each sidewall with a clear width of 1,300 mm. There are two toilets in the train, one of which is for passengers with reduced mobility. There are then spaces for two wheelchairs in the adjacent area. 

The first of the new units arrived in Serbia in August this year, and are due to enter service with the passengers next year, with deliveries completed in 2025. On 30 October 2023, FLIRT 413-105/106 arrived at the VUZ Velim test centre.

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