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Vectrons For Akiem

posted on 21st Dec 2021 10:41

On 21 December 2021, Akiem and Siemens Mobility announced an order for 20 Vectron MS locomotives. The very first Akiem order for this type has been finalised as part of a framework purchase agreement for Vectron locomotives, ancillary equipment and services signed August 2021.

Fabien Rochefort, Akiem group CEO, comments: “We are proud to build on a new partnership with Siemens Mobility and diversify our fleet. This acquisition will greatly help the wider development of our passenger activities, with locomotives offering a maximum speed of 200 km/h. We are thrilled to continue providing our customers with state-of-the-art locomotives for corridors towards markets in Scandinavia, Italy and Central and South-Eastern Europe.”

We asked Akiem: 

In what country (countries) do you expect to operate your Vectrons in passenger service? Akiem replied: „This information is to be shared with our customers only.“

When the batch of your 20 Vectrons will be delivered? „This information is to be shared with our customers only.“

The maintenance will be carried out by Siemens? „Akiem is an agile partner. This means all demands of our customers will be considered, but of course, with Akiem’s internal industrial and maintenance capacity (Akiem Technik) we are completely able to provide a Full Service by Akiem solution (100 % integrated solution).“

Where are the Akiem locomotives used in passenger service at present? „We lease TRAXXes to NS (Class 186) in the Netherlands, SNCF Voyages (Class 75000) in France and to RegioJet (Class 186) for use in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and in Poland (in the future).“

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