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2,000th Class TEM18DM locomotive

posted on 26th Jun 2023 12:12

On 22 June 2023 BMZ handed over to RZD a jubilee diesel shunter TEM18DM with number 2000. Together with four machines of the same class, it will join the fleet of Oktyabrskaya doroga. In 2023 RZD already received more than 70 TEM18DMs. 

BMZ has been manufacturing TEM18DM locomotives since 2007. In 2019, the plant carried out extensive work to upgrade the locomotive and expand its technical capabilities.

The board number 2000 means that two thousand TEM18DMs have already been built for operation on the RZD network. A different numbering is used for the machines intended for operation in other organizations; in total, about 3,000 locomotives of this class have been produced since 2007.

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