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Additional RER NG Trains For Île-de-France

updated on 28th Apr 2023 17:17 posted on 27th Apr 2023 09:24

On 26 April 2023 Alstom announced it will supply SNCF Voyageurs with 60 additional new generation RER trains, for lines RER D and RER E of the Île-de-France network, for a total of almost 1 billion EUR.

Financed 100 % by Île-de-France Mobilités, this order represents the first option under the framework contract signed in 2017 between SNCF Voyageurs (commissioned by Île-de-France Mobilités) and Alstom, for an estimated requirement of 255 EMUs. The firm tranche of the RER NG contract included the delivery of 71 trains; this new order brings the number of RER NGs ordered to 131.

This contract is part of the policy pursued by Île-de-France Mobilités to modernise all the rolling stock on the Île-de-France network. The RER NG is specifically designed for the dense urban areas that characterise traffic in the Île-de-France region.

A Train With More Capacity And Accessibility

This train has been designed, both in terms of overall architecture and interior design, to optimise capacity and passenger flow. Thanks to a completely open architecture and to wide doors, it allows a great fluidity in the entry and exit of passengers and offers three distinct travel spaces. Each passenger can choose their space according to the length of their journey.

For example, platform areas for standing passengers can be selected when the journey is very short, as it allows for easy movement, like in a metro;
- whereas low mixed areas (standing or seated) are ideal for a journey of less than 20 minutes;
- and, on the upper level, spaces with regional-type comfort and more seats are available for longer journeys.
Additionally, in each of the end cars, platforms allow wheelchair passengers direct and rapid access to their dedicated areas.

The train has been designed to provide an improved level of comfort. It includes the following features: air conditioning, LED lighting adapted to the time (day/night/stopover at stations), USB sockets and numerous screens allowing passengers to have quick access to relevant information. Particular attention has also been paid to the seating to ensure ultimate comfort levels for passengers.

Each EMU will be able to carry up to 1,860 passengers in a seven-car version. Several innovations will reduce energy consumption by 25 % compared to previous train generations. In particular, the RER NG has eight motor bogies which provide better acceleration and deceleration performance (under regenerative braking) than previous generations, an undeniable advantage for operations.

The first trials have started on the National network in Île-de-France. The first trains delivered are currently enabling SNCF Voyageurs to carry out the first integration tests on line RER E. Tests on line RER D will start soon.

We asked Alstom: What is the delivery date of the new batch and how many trains of the first batch have been built so far? When do you expect the first trains are to start passenger service? Alstom answered: "The information is undisclosed for the time being. The start of passenger service is SNCF's responsibility".



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