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Class 777 EMUs Testing Steps Up To The Next Level

posted on 2nd Jul 2021 19:42

Testing of the new trains for the Liverpool City Region is moving to the next level as they are due to head out onto the Merseyrail network during normal service hours from 1 July. This is the first-time local people may catch sight of the trains in action as up until now test runs have been taking place overnight.

With more than 17,000 hours already on the clock, a further seven trains already at Kirkdale depot will be put through their paces with dynamic testing taking place on the Northern Line, while the current trains are also running. All the new trains will be dynamically tested before they enter service.

The publicly owned trains have been designed specifically for the Merseyrail network and are required to undergo a rigorous testing programme both here in the UK and at Stadler’s manufacturing plants in Switzerland and Poland. As part of the testing programme, the trains have reached an average speed of 125 km/h. There are experts from eight countries involved - UK, Austria, Finland, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain. Over 100 tests are completed to make sure the train meets UK and European standards.

Although this phase of testing marks the next milestone in the wider programme, details regarding the phased introduction of the trains into service are yet to be confirmed.
The Combined Authority and partners are still assessing the full impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the programme and will provide more information regarding the roll out as soon as it has been agreed.

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