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DB Regio Orders FLIRT AKKU

posted on 18th Feb 2022 13:32

On 18 February 2022, DB Regio ordered 14 FLIRT AKKU BEMUs from Stadler. The new two-car 99-seat trains will be used in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the north-east of Germany, by DB Regio Northeast, from December 2026 for a period of 13 years, replacing the present diesel-operated vehicles.

The FLIRT AKKUs will run on the „H-Network Warnow“ („H“ stands for „Hybridfahrzeuge“, Hybrid vehicles), along part of the Baltic Sea coast. It will include 1.5 million trainkm annualy and will cover the RB11 Wismar - Rostock - Tessin and RB12 Bad Doberan - Rostock - Graal-Müritz routes. 

This is Stadler’s third contract for FLIRT AKKUs since 2019, following the orders for 44 units for DB Regio in Pfalz in 2021 and 55 units for NAH.SH in 2019, totalling 113 vehicles.

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