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ENR Talgos In Regular Service

posted on 12th Jan 2023 11:07

In late December 2022, ENR, launched commercial service of Talgo rakes. The first routes connect the Egyptian capital Cairo and the city of Alexandria in a project to supply seven 160 km/h non-powered multiple units (NMUs), each with 490 seats, and maintain them for eight years, which also includes the construction of a new Talgo depot in Egypt.

The Talgo trains are part of a rail system modernising being undertaken by the Egyptian government as part of a wider and more ambitious programme to decarbonise key sectors of the economy. Each unit consists of a locomotive and 15 coaches, including five of first class, eight of second class, one mixed car with buffet and disabled seating and a generator car. These trains, manufactured at Talgo's factory in Alava and designed on the basis of Talgo's experience on the Mecca - Medina (Saudi Arabia) line, have redundant high-performance air-conditioning systems and are certified for operation at temperatures of up to +50 °C. 

This contract was followed last August by a second order for seven more trains, this time for night services. This project will involve the construction of new NMUs at the Alava (Rivabellosa) and Madrid (Las Matas) plants, as well as their maintenance at Talgo's existing facilities in Egypt for a period of 15 years. The new trains are scheduled to be delivered from 2024.

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