First Coradia Polyvalent For French-German Operation Started Authorisation Tests

updated on 21st May 2021 12:46 posted on 19th May 2021 09:29

On 12 May 2021, the first pre-production Coradia Polyvalent France-Germany cross-border train left Alstom Reichshoffen for the DB Systemtechnik test centre in Minden, where it will undergo its first tests for certification and approval. Mechanical tests will be conducted to check how the train behaves in curves. It will then go to the VUZ Velim test centre, where it will carry out traction, braking, EMC and acoustic tests. Testing on the German network will start in spring 2022.

The Certification & Validation teams at Alstom's Reichshoffen site will work closely with their partner DB Systemtechnik throughout the entire process of certification testing of the new train, which will last two years. The approval and certification documentation will then be submitted to Certifer (France) and AEBT (Certifer's German subsidiary), which will ensure that the results comply with TSI LOC & PAS and TSI PRM 2014.

In October 2019, SNCF and the Grand Est region (France) ordered 30 Coradia Polyvalent (Régilois) EDMUs with financial support from the German states of Saarland, Rheinland-Pfalz and Baden-Württemberg, as well as from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) via Programm Interreg Oberrhein (Interreg Upper Rhine Programme) as part of an exemplary cross-border partnership.

These 160 km/h dual-mode dual-voltage (25 + 15 kV) four-car trains will be equipped with the French KVB and German PZB ATPs, working under the ETCS STM module. They will be used on Metz - Trier, Metz - Saarbrücken, Strasbourg - Saarbrücken, Strasbourg - Karlsruhe, Strasbourg - Neustadt, Strasbourg - Offenburg and Mulhouse - Müllheim lines.

This batch designated B85501 M to B85559 M will offer a first-class compartment and a dedicated area for bicycles. These latest Régiolises will incorporate the new TSI LOC & PAS and TSI PRM 2014 standards, notably offering more spacious toilets to facilitate travel for passengers with reduced mobility. The first trains, designed and assembled at Alstom Reichshoffen, are scheduled for delivery in early 2024.

Coradia Polyvalent is the first French regional train that complies with all European standards, in particular for access for persons with reduced mobility. To date, 399 Coradia Polyvalents have been ordered under the contract awarded to Alstom by SNCF in October 2009. That total does include the 30 France/Germany cross-border EDMUs.

Outside the framework agreement, Alstom also received orders for 13 Coradia Polyvalent units for the Charles De Gaulle Express (customer: "Hello Paris" consortium), 17 Coradia Polyvalents for Algeria (customer: SNTF) and 15 Coradia Polyvalents for Senegal (customer: APIX).

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