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First railjet 2 in passenger service

posted on 22nd Mar 2024 08:31

On 22 March 2024, ÖBB inaugurated service for the first railjet of the new generation. The new train will initially operate on the Wien - Feldkirch route. Excluding the locomotive, the nine-car NMU is around 240 m long and offers 532 seats. It has two first-class cars with business class sections, an on-board restaurant with seating, four second-class (economy class) cars, a multifunctional economy class car, and an economy class driving trailer. 

The railjet 2 was developed and is being built by Siemens Mobility in Wien and is based on the same platform used by the new nightjet units. ÖBB originally ordered eight railjet 2 units in 2018, but has in December 2023 ordered 19 more

Andreas Matthä, CEO ÖBB Holding: “We are delighted that we’re expanding our ÖBB long-distance fleet with 19 more new-generation Railjets. People are traveling more and many prefer to do so by train. In response to this development, which is beneficial for the environment and climate, we are increasing the number of modern trains. With the new travel experience at the Brenner Pass, we are able to further enhance the popularity of this route. The new generation of Railjets offers our passengers a truly first-class travel experience and raises rail comfort to a new level.”

Depending on their preference, passengers have a choice of seating: in compartments, in open-plan cars, or in raised seating areas with slightly higher seat heights. Passengers preferring a quieter ride can sit in designated quiet zones, while families can use the family zones with game board tables. Seat backrests without gaps provide greater privacy between the seat rows, so passengers can, for example, work on their laptops undisturbed. WiFi service is offered throughout the train, and a clear passenger information system is provided on ceiling-mounted displays and other screens.  

Passenger comfort is further enhanced by an interior lighting concept that automatically adjusts to the time of day. Both the light color and the temperature of the compartments can be individually adjusted. The new double seats are equipped with folding center armrests, allowing them to be converted into a small sofa if capacity is available. Each seat row is also equipped with three charging options: a USB port, wireless NFC charging, and a 230-volt power outlet. Luggage can be stored securely and unattended in spaces accessed via NFC or individual numerical codes. 

For passengers with limited mobility, the train has three wheelchair spaces and barrier-free access via a platform-level, extra-wide entrance in the multifunctional car. Space for storing skis and snowboards is available in the multifunctional car as well, along with six bicycle spaces.

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