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updated on 8th Sep 2020 14:38 posted on 4th Sep 2020 20:22

Bombardier Transportation and CARGOUNIT (commercial brand of Industrial Division), a leading locomotive and passenger rolling stock leasing provider based in Poland, celebrated the handover of E 186 928, the first of three TRAXX MS locomotives in Gdańsk, at the siding of LOTOS Kolej. The latter will have two of them on hire. 

The next two locomotives are scheduled for delivery later this month. LOTOS Kolej will use the two TRAXXes (E 186 928 and 929), which will replace three elderly Škoda-built six-axle Class 181 locomotives, which LOTOS Kolej has on hire. The new TRAXXes are authorised for operation in seven countries - Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and The Netherlands. The locomotives are designated:

91 51 5 370 040-5 PL-ID (or E 186 928)

91 51 5 370 041-3 PL-ID (or E 186 929)

91 51 5 370 042-1 PL-ID (or E 186 930)

We asked at Industrial Division for how long time LOTOS Kolej had leased these locomotives. The company answered us: „The contract with LOTOS Kolej provides for a long-term lease. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal more details.“ 

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