First ZSSK's New GTW 2/6 EMU Arrived

posted on 15th Jan 2021 11:32

On 15 January 2020, the first new GTW 2/6 EMU was disembarked from a road trailer in the Poprad depot. It is expected that, following testing, the first of the new Class 495.95 EMUs will start regular service in August 2021.

In October 2018 ZSSK ordered from Stadler five GTW 2/6 EMUs, together with one electro-diesel locomotive for the TEŽ and OŽ metre gauge lines which follow the southern slopes of the Vysoké Tatry. On 14 May 2019 ZSSK announced that the EMUs were to be named Ganek, Kostolík, Stredohrot, Bradavica and Vysoká, after five of the mountain peaks in the Vysoké Tatry - Ganek (2,462 m), Kostolík (2,262 m), Stredohrot (2,441 m), Bradavica (2,476 m) and Vysoká (2,547 m).

All these peaks lie within Slovakia, the Vysoké Tatry being shared between the latter country and Poland, but their names are not all that familiar with many people who visit the area. The naming will give much needed publicity to this small but spectacular mountain range and was the result of a public competition organised by ZSSK. 

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