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FRACHTbahn/ELL Vectron Branded For The Klade Group

posted on 3rd Dec 2021 13:52

On 2 December 2021, Vectron 193 230 rented by FRACHTbahn Traktion from ELL Austria has been christened "Josef". The locomotive was previously liveried in the corporate colours of the Klade Group because FRACHTbahn regularly hauls timber transports for Austria's leading company in forestry and industrial services.

The locomotive will promote  Forstservice Klade Group for three years, running mainly between Germany and Romania. The Klade Group, which has been in existence for 65 years, moves around 1.5 million tonnes of timber per year. FRACHTbahn Traktion was founded in October 2019 and has been transporting goods between Austria, Germany and Hungary ever since. 

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