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FRACHTbahn Traktion Vectron Named

posted on 18th May 2021 14:10

On 6 May 2021, the FRACHTbahn’s first locomotive branded in the corporate design was symbolically “christened”. The blue Vectron was named Sophie - after the daughter of the company's co-founder Jan Klima and thus the granddaughter of the former Austrian Chancellor Viktor Klima.

The branded Vectron 193 764, owned by European Locomotive Leasing Austria and leased by FRACHTbahn since December 2020, was fitted with the new vinyls in early March 2021 in Linz. The locomotive was named on the Borealis site in the Linz Chemical Park, in the presence of representatives of both companies. “We were very happy to celebrate this beautiful symbolic act together with Borealis. As the first customer of FRACHTbahn, the company is a particularly important partner for us, with whom we have enjoyed a very good working relationship to this day, ”says Ulrich Puz, Managing Director of FRACHTbahn.

Borealis in Linz is part of the Borealis Group, a leading provider of solutions in the areas of polyolefins, basic chemicals and plant nutrients. Borealis located in the Linz Chemical Park owns and operates around three quarters of the facilities and currently employs around 1,200 people. Borealis in Linz produces around 50,000 t of melamine annually. This makes the company Europe's second largest manufacturer of high-quality melamine. In addition, Borealis also produces plant nutrients and technical nitrogen on site. The annual production capacity of the Linz location is around 1.5 million tons of plant nutrients and technical nitrogen.

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