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GAMAs For PCC Intermodal

posted on 7th Jul 2021 10:46

On 7 July 2021, PCC Intermodal and PESA Bydgoszcz have signed the contract for three  3 kV DC GAMA 111E electric locomotives. They will support the PCC Intermodal’s domestic operations, and form part of a batch seven electric locomotives to be subsidised by the POIiŚ 2014 - 2020 operational programme for infrastructure and environment.

PCC Intermodal requested co-finance for five projects involving both infrastructure and vehicles. A grant of 89,453,750 PLN (20.7 million EUR) was requested for the purchase of seven electric locomotives for international services and 150 platform wagons, of which 30 are to be 60-footers, 40 articulated 80-footers and 80 90-footers. 

The GAMAs will be the first ones in the PCC Intermodal fleet (which at present includes 14 locomotives) and will be used on the lines between Gdańsk, Gdynia and Polish most important economical regions. They are scheduled for delivery in summer 2022, and the contract covers also the locomotive homologation and maintenance up to P4 level.

Dariusz Stefański, PCC Intermodal CEO, said: „We are very pleased that the tender for the delivery of locomotives met with the great interest from contractors and that finally the Polish producer submitted the most advantageous offer.“

Maciej Maciejewski, PESA Vice President, added: „PESA is consistently developing the GAMA platform. In addition to the Type 111Ed, 111E and 111Db locomotives already in operation in Poland, we will soon offer our customers a Type 111DE dual-power locomotive.“

We asked both PESA and PCC Intermodal:
- what is the worth of the contract for three GAMAs?
- how many years of locomotive maintenance is agreed?
- how many locomotive manufacturers took part in the POIiŚ-related tender?
- why only three locomotives were ordered? What about the other four?
- how many GAMAs have been built so far? How many of them of Type 111E, 111Ed and 111Db?

The operator answered us: "Under the tender procedure PCC Intermodal ordered seven electric locomotives. Three are dedicated for Polish workings, and here the model chosen is GAMA 111E as this one was trusted as the most efficient for domestic corridors development. The other four will be produced by Alstom and they are TRAXX MS3 locomotives, certified for Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They will be used internationally to develop Baltic-Adriatic intermodal services.

Regarding the contracts value and details, please note that all the basic information will be officially implemented to the Competition base this week and there will be available for interested parties."

The above mentioned Competition base https://bazakonkurencyjnosci.funduszeeuropejskie.gov.pl/ogloszenia/34666?sekcja=oferty shows that Pojazdy Szynowe PESA Bydgoszcz offered the price of 8 670 000 EUR (= 2 890 000 EUR per locomotive), Bombardier Transportation GmbH the price of 9 570 000 EUR (= 3 190 000 EUR per locomotive) and Newag S. A. the price of 11 214 000 EUR (= 3 738 000 EUR per locomotive).

The above mentioned four TRAXX MS3 locomotives were offered for 16 800 000 EUR (= 4 200 000 EUR per locomotive).

PESA informed us that so far 11 Class 111Db (diesel), four Class 111Eb (electric) and 28 Class 111Ed Marathon (electric with Last Mile diesel) locomotives have been built.

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