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posted on 7th Apr 2022 10:20

On 6 April 2022, Stadler and ÖBB signed a contract for delivery of 41 KISS EMUs. The order worth around 600 million EUR is being placed as part of the framework agreement worth of up to 3 billion EUR for up to 186 units which in February has been cleared in the last instance by the higher administrative court in Wien, thus ending legal proceedings.

The first batch includes 20 six-car and 21 four-car KISSes, both versions having the power output 5,200 kW. The first of them are scheduled to start passenger services in the eastern region (Wien, Niederösterreich, Burgenland) in early 2026. The 160 km/h trains, designated „Cityjet Doppelstock neu“, will have a traction equipment for both 15 kV 16.7 Hz and 25 kV 50 Hz, the latter voltage enabling KISSes to operate in Hungary (like it is the case of ÖBB's Talent and Desiro ML EMUs). 

The new KISSes will be built at Stadler St. Margrethen works, and will offer 610 seats in the six-car or 380 seats in the four-car configuration. Their maintenance will be carried out by ÖBB. It is the second Stadler contract from ÖBB following that for the rescue trains.

Main Data For Six-Car / Four-Car KISSes:

Train length: 160 / 105 m
Seating capacity: approx. 610 / 380
Standing capacity: around 790 / 520 
Maximum capacity: around 1,400 / 900
Bicycle parking spaces: up to 66 / 42 
Entrance doors per side: 12 / 8 
Toilets: 4 / 2 (one of them TSI PRM and equipped with a changing table)
2 wheelchair spaces in the middle car with electrically height-adjustable side wall tables

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