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Koleje Mazowieckie ordered 50 FLIRT EMUs

posted on 28th Jun 2024 04:41

On 26 June 2024 Koleje Mazowieckie (KM) and Stadler signed a framework agreement for up to 50 five-car FLIRT EMUs for Województwo Mazowieckie (Masovian voivodship) including the provision of maintenance services. The value of the contract, maintenance included, is around 750 million EUR. It will be co-financed with EU funds within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for Poland.

In total, the framework contract provides for four executive agreements for the purchase of 14, 11, 14 and 11 units respectively and their maintenance for 18 years. Under the first two executive contracts, 25 FLIRTs will be delivered within 24 months of signing. Stadler will build the ordered trains at its Siedlce works. The new KM's FLIRTs will have ETCS Level 2 equipment and meet the requirements of TSI standards as well as crash safety standards (EN 15227). 

The two companies started their cooperation in 2006 when Stadler was awarded its first contract for the delivery of 14 FLIRTs, ten of which for Województwo Mazowieckie and four for Województwo Śłąskie. As a result, Stadler opened a new factory in Siedlce. The partnership with the regional operator owned by the government of the Masovia region marks the continuation of another framework agreement signed in 2018, under which, from 2020 to 2023, the Siedlce plant delivered 61 FLIRTs of the latest generation. The KM fleet includes a total of 71 FLIRTs of which 10 are four-car and 61 are five-car units, which constitute over 21 % of all vehicles. 

“Stadler’s operations in Poland were initiated thanks to the first order for Masovia and Silesia. Subsequent orders allowed us to expand our production work in Siedlce and keep on extending our partnership with local suppliers. The new order from Koleje Mazowieckie brings added value to the region and the industry. Increased production at the Siedlce plant means continued development of the site in Poland as well as further orders for numerous local partners and suppliers,” said Philipp Brunner, Exectutive Vice President of the Division Central Europe at Stadler.

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