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Lastochka Beta

posted on 28th Aug 2021 09:13

On 27 August 2021, at the first „VNIIZhT Science 1520: Look Beyond the Horizon“ conference, held at PRO//Motion. Expo in Shcherbinka, Uralskie lokomotivy presented its new development - the Lastochka β (Lastochka Beta).

It is designed to meet the requirements of the development of production, transport and cultural links between large cities and other areas, and is destined for interregional transport for a distance of up to 200 km. Having a maximum capacity of up to 3,200 passengers, it will therefore be designed for a maximum speed of 160 km/h and a starting acceleration of 1 m/s2.

It will be adapted for different platform heights of 200, 550 or 1,100 mm above rail top, allowing it to operate in any Russian region without structural changes. Extended 1,600 mm wide entrance doors will speed up boarding and alighting of passengers. The new dual-voltage (3 + 25 kV) EMUs, which can be formed by 5 to 12 cars, will be prepared for the possibility of installing systems for autonomous operation and will be technically designed to further minimise the impact on an infrastructure.

On account of the fact that the fulfillment of the original 2012 contract for 1,200 Lastochka cars is nearing to its end, the new Lastochka Beta EMUs will form part of a further contract with RZD for more than 1,000 cars, which is still being negotiated.

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