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More Finist EMUs

posted on 20th Jun 2024 12:13

Uralskie lokomotivy has increased the scope of the contract for the supply of EMUs. The additional agreement, announced on 20 June 2024, to the contract with RZD signed in the spring of 2023 includes eight five-car trains, which are planned to be delivered by the end of the third quarter 2024. The first two trains have already arrived at Sverdlovsk Railway, they are undergoing preparation for operation and test runs. All trains will be operated in the Urals region.

Earlier, the UL fulfilled a contract for the supply of 22 Class ES104 trains, which are since late 2023 named Finist instead earlier Lastochka (Swallow). Finist is a character from the Soviet film fairy tale Finist, the Bright Falcon from 1975, in which a brave rich man with a good heart confronts a cruel ruler who has invaded Russian land. All Class ES104s are operated by the Sverdlovsk Railway and transport passengers from Ekaterinburg to the north of the region to Verkhoturye, Serov, Kachkanar and Karpinsk via Nizhny Tagil, south-east to Kamensk-Uralsky and north-west to Shali.

A prototype eight-car 3 kV DC Finist is currently being built and will be sent out for testing in July. The development of the new Class ES105 dual-voltage train is also being finalised and should be tested and certified by the end of this year. The Finist family will also include a comfort version for inter-regional services and hybrid battery-powered Class ES105A trains with an autonomous range of up to 100 km.

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