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Meeting of „bobina“ locomotives

posted on 12th Aug 2023 19:29

On 12 August 2023, a meeting of Class E 499.0 (140) locomotives took place in the ČD Museum's Olomouc depot. The event aimed to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the first of these locomotives and the 65th anniversary of the last, i. e. the 100th „bobina“ for the then ČSD. The event included a varied accompanying programme including special trains. It started on Friday afternoon, 11 August, when all the participating locomotives came together in Olomouc to present themselves to those interested in photography. There were machines from the collections of ČD and also from Slovakia and private owners. 

On 11 August those interested could take a protocol express train from Praha to Olomouc, on Saturday special trains with were introduced to Přerov and Prostějov and back. A special international express from Olomouc to Poprad and back ran on Sunday of the 13th. ČD cooperated with IDS Cargo and Železničný klub Tatran on these journeys. 

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