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More Lajkonik Trams For Kraków

posted on 4th Nov 2020 19:34

Kraków is not giving up on investments aimed at withdrawing all high-floor trams from service. On 4 November 2020 an agreement was signed with Stadler, which will allow MPK Kraków to take the option to purchase additional 25 low-floor air-conditioned Lajkonik trams. In total 110 new trams in MPK Kraków fleet will be delivered in five contracts:

- 35 Lajkonik trams - signed on 16 January 2018,

- 15 Lajkonik trams - signed on 12 December 2018, this being an option under the January 2018 framework agreement,

10 and 25 Lajkonik II trams - signed on 29 April 2020 - these being a basic contract and option under the framework contract,

- 25 Lajkonik II trams - signed on 4 November 2020, an option under the framework agreement.

Delivery of the first 50 trams is underway. From June until the end of October 2020, 14 Lajkonik vehicles started service, the 15th cars will enter service on 5 November 2020, and two more are under final technical acceptance. In the case of 60 trams, ordered by the three contracts signed in 2020, their production and transport to Kraków are planned for a period 2022 - 2023.

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