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More Škoda Trams For Bratislava

posted on 31st May 2022 17:58

On 31 May 2022, Dopravný podnik Bratislava (DPB) and Škoda Group signed a contract for the delivery of 10 Type Škoda ForCity Plus 30T bidirectional trams. This is the second tram contract from Bratislava this year, as a contract for up to 30 more Škoda ForCity Plus 29T unidirectional trams was signed in March. 

The new batch of ForCity Plus 30T trams builds on the same type of vehicles that have been running in the city since 2015. Delivery is scheduled for 2024, the worth of the order is over 26.5 million EUR.

DPB ordered 60 trams (30x 29T, 30x 30T) in July 2013, which were delivered in 2015 and 2016. In total, they have already covered over 22.5 million km (that's almost half the journey from Earth to Mars). Last year alone, it was almost 4.2 million km. With both new contracts this year, there could be up to 100 Škoda trams in Bratislava. 

Technical Data Of The New ForCity Plus 30T Trams:

Type X54 (5 cars, 4 bogies)
Gauge 1,000 mm
Voltage 600 V DC / 750 V DC
Maximum speed 65 km/h
Vehicle length 32.5 m
Vehicle width 2.48 m
Total passenger capacity: 242 
Seats 52
Standees 190
Low-floor section 92 %
10 double-leaf doors
Axle load up to 11 t

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