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New Spanish Speed Record On 1,668 mm Gauge

posted on 9th Sep 2022 12:33

During a nocturnal test run with Talgo staff on board early on 7 September 2022, a Class 106 Avril reached 360 km/h on the 1,668 mm gauge high speed line between Ourense and Santiago de Compostela. This beats the previous record of 285 km/h on this track gauge, and is also believed to be a new world record for a variable-gauge train, since the 363 km/h test run between Venta de Baños and Burgos in June 2021 was made by a fixed-gauge (1,435 mm) Avril.

The fastest ever high sped run in Spain, 403.7 km/h, was made on the stretch of line between Guadalajara and Calatayud by a Class 103 Velaro during the night of 15/16 July 2006. It is now expected that the Class 106s will be put in commercial service during the first quarter of 2023, reaching speeds of up to 330 km/h on parts of the high network passed for this maximum speed.

We asked Talgo:
- How many Avrils have been produced so far?
- How many of them are for 1,435 and 1,668 mm track gauge?
We are waiting for an answer.

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