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New TRAXX Locomotives For RAILPOOL

posted on 27th Jan 2022 10:42

On 27 January 2022, Alstom has received an order from RAILPOOL to supply 15 TRAXX 3 locomotives. In addition, there is also an option for five more. Manufactured at Kassel and Vado Ligure sites, they are intended for use in Norway, Sweden, and Italy. All will be equipped with the Last Mile function. We asked how many locomotives of which versions have been ordered and what is the delivery date. We are waiting for a reply.

RAILPOOL answered us: "The contract includes five TRAXX 3 DC LM locomotives for Italy and 10 TRAXX AC3 LM for Sweden and Norway. The latter will also be ETCS Baseline 3 ready in view of the upcoming launch in 2023, see https://railpool.com.de/railpool-ac3-locomotives-homologated-for-etcs-baseline-3-in-sweden/

Deliveries are scheduled for second to fourth quarter of 2023." Ordering these 15 locomotives, RAILPOOL expands its fleet of TRAXXes to more than 250.

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