škoda 2024

Nightjets to Belgium with a through haulage soon

posted on 1st Mar 2024 10:22

On 20 February 2024, Vectron 193 962 of ÖBB/ELL made a test run from Germany to Schaarbeek on the normal nightjet route (via the old line between Leuven and Liège). The reason was a training of SNCB drivers, because from 12 March 2024 the change between a Class 18 locomotive of SNCB and a Vectron of ÖBB at Aachen Hbf will take end, so the latter locomotive will haul the nightjet to Belgium all the way from Wien, and retour. 

The reason, why the ÖBB Vectrons did not take over the hauling of nightjets to Belgium from the start of the 2024 timetable in December 2023, was that SNCB was unable to train the drivers for the Vectrons in time. There were also a number of technical tests to be carried out, which could not be completed in the autumn. For the Wien - Brussel nightjet service two Vectrons are diagrammed, 193 961 and 962.


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