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Oaris operation at Flytoget

posted on 5th Jul 2023 14:09

As we described here, CAF managed to sell its Oaris prototype 105-001 to Adif. Only one contract has been awarded to the Oaris family so far - for eight Class 78 units ordered in March 2015 by Flytoget.

The first of these, after a roughly four-year project delay, entered service on 3 June 2021, but was withdrawn from service immediately on 24 June due to cracks in the area of bogie bolster (bogie traverse on the secondary suspension). The defect was found on all of the units, so CAF designed a modified bolster that was tested and installed on the entire batch last year. 

Autumn 2022 was used to document the design change and to process the updated approval by the SJT (Statens jernbanetilsyn). The first Oaris then entered service on 9 January 2023 and by the end of June Flytoget had taken delivery and deployed six units. The handover of the remaining two has not yet been decided, but is likely to take place in September or October.

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