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Operation Of Vectron Accross Öresund Launched

posted on 26th Apr 2023 17:45

As we reported recently, Vectron is now approved for through operation between Scandinavia and central Europe, following ERA certification of the respective X4-E-Loco-B DE-AT-DK-SE-NO (E32.02) version. This authorisation was granted on 29 March 2023, separately for operation in Austria and Germany as a new type and for operation in Denmark, Norway and Sweden as a new version of a registered type.

Swedish operator Snälltåget is the first one to use this possibility in routine operation, for haulage of its regular Stockholm to Berlin night passenger trains. It has leased from ELL three Vectrons of the B18 version (DE-AT-DK-SE-NO), 118 001, 193 288 and 193 965. The latter one was previously used by Siemens as a test locomotive for this corridor.

Until recently, Snälltåget was licensed railway undertaking in Sweden only, however on 20 April 2023, its SSC certifcate, valid in Sweden and Denmark, was issued. Following this, through traction using Vectrons was started. This was slightly postponed on account of strike in Germany and serious catenary disruption in Denmark, however on the night of 23/24 April, 118 001 for the first time hauled the Stockholm to Berlin trains between Malmö and Padborg and v. v.

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